Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chia Seeds

I've recently posted an article that spoke about how changing our ways of eating may help our Dystonia symptoms. Well, I bought a bag if Chia seeds and sprinkled them into my salad the other day, and into my zucchini and onions tonight. I love the taste!!!! They have a great crunchy nutty taste, and look like small sesame seeds.

They are rich in Omega 3, which have anti-inflammatory properties, and are known for protecting our nervous system and cardiovascular system.
You can put Chia seeds in shakes, drinks, dips, sauces, salsas, and even salads. Research about them for yourself and see! :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your information! I have general dystonia, and I have never heard of Chia Seeds. This is something that I will be trying. My alternative medicine doctor also feels that my diet plays a major role when it comes to my dystonia.

dleake said...

You are so very welcome. I am not a nutritionist or dietitian, but I'm trying all I can to find healthy ways to help our nervous system. Thanks for your comment!!!!!!