Sunday, February 8, 2015

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

We all have a comfort zone. A place where we are familiar, surrounded by a sense of security. Our comfort zone can help us stay true to who we are...staying balanced and centered...allowing us to live within our means. Sounds like a nice place to stay, doesn't it? For some, yes, but for the rest of us who want more out of life, we will have to take a step out into the uncomfortable every once in a while.

Think of a moment in your life when you stayed in your comfort zone, instead of taking a chance. What kept you in your comfort zone? Was it motivation, fear, lack of experience, or finances?

What if you did take that chance? What would your life look like today? Where would you be? Describe what you would be feeling? Who would be with you?

Dystonia can prevent us from doing things that are planned out. Most likely because we never know when our "good days" or "bad days" are going to be. By taking the opportunity to step out of our comfort zone on the "good days" and do begin doing things we got used to NOT going for a quick walk, reading or writing, visiting a friend, or inviting your family over for a visit...we will be able to explore life more and grow as a person. Dystonia is part of our life, it's not our life.

Know your comfort zone, create a list of what you want to do, and when the opportunity comes along, step out of your comfort zone and make it happen!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sometimes The Push Is Too Hard

Okay, so my last post was about needing a push every once in a while to get myself moving. Today's post is going to be about knowing when the "push" may have been a little too much.

As I walked into yoga class yesterday, I literally felt like crying. My body was aching, and the thoughts of holding some of the poses that my instructor was about to get into was not making it any better.

My body started reacting to the negative thoughts that were going through my head. "I'm tired." "I can't wait till this is over." "Why did I come to class today?" My teacher noticed and would come over and help me with some of the poses, or tell me to try a more "gentle" pose. I wanted to cry!!!! I just wanted the class to end, so I could feel the pain and just go home and deal with it on my couch.

Moments later, towards the end of the class, we were asked to do a balance pose...which I needed all my concentration in order to balance on one leg while holding my other leg up in the air. I found a spot on the wall in front of me and began to focus. Moments later, we were asked to switch to the other leg, and I began my focus once again. As I finished that pose, I felt an extreme calmness come over me. I wasn't angry, I didn't want to cry, and I wasn't hurting. I actually felt relaxed!

How was I able to go from extreme anger to complete serenity? It was my focus. As soon as I created that switch, the change occurred. By taking back my control, I was able to find balance and remain centered for the rest of the day ahead of me.

What do you focus on, when you're having an "off" day? I'd love to hear from you. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

I Need A Little Push To Get Started

So, I get up this morning and there's slushy snow on the ground, the sky is grey, and all I hear is the plow flying down the street. YES! I'm thinking this is an opportunity for me to stay in today....and then I turn my phone on and there's a text!

It's from my yoga instructor, telling me she cancelled the early morning class, and was wondering if I was going to make the 10:30 class instead. Ugh! What to do? What to do? My couch is calling me and it's so cozy inside, do I really want to venture out?

Then I start to thinking, yes, yes I do want to get out. Sometimes I need a little push every now and then to get me moving. Especially when my body is aching. Having my teacher reach out to me is like having my very own health coach. She's my accountable partner, who has my back!

Who or what gives you the push you need to get you moving and off the couch in days like today?

Who can you ask to be your accountable partner going forward?

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Support For Dystonia

What kind of support do you want? Are you finding support just by reading articles or posts from others with Dystonia, or would you rather speak to a live person who has Dystonia, who can be a sounding board, while giving you support, encouragement, and will celebrate all of your achievements?

I have a Bachelor's in Psychology and I'm certified as a Professional Coach, who also happens to have Dystonia. I can empathize with the mental, physical, and emotional experiences you are going through. Lately I've been reading too many posts from people who are suffering from Dystonia, telling the world how depressed and hopeless they feel. My heart goes out to all of you, and that is why I've been posting about my services...with hopes of helping as many people as I can feel accepted, valued, and understand how they can make a difference to their lives and the lives around them.

Contact me to start your coaching

I coach over the phone to make it as convenient and comfortable as possible.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Who Do You Reach Out To?

I had an opportunity to speak to and share some concerns to others with Dystonia. Although there are different areas of our bodies where Dystonia has taken control, the fears and concerns are all the same. It's hitting me more and more, as I'm realizing how alone many people who suffer from Dystonia, and their caretakers, are feeling.

I can speak for myself, when I say that I too don't about my everyday body aches and pains to others. I guess I'm just so used to what I'm feeling that it's just a part of my every day life, so I don't think of bringing it up in conversation when someone asks how I'm feeling. I also don't want to talk about it and upset my friends and family by telling them my true thoughts and concerns with Dystonia. In a way, I prefer Dystonia to be a battle that I face every day and not for others to battle for me. However, I do know when to turn to others when my thoughts and feelings are too much for me to handle alone. Do you?

Below are some questions for you to ask yourself, and the reason why I'm throwing these questions out to you, is because I'm finding that there are way too many who are suffering with Dystonia, or who are caretakers for others with Dystonia, who are at their wits end and feel alone, scared, depressed and angry. Creating happiness starts within ourselves. Use your voice to reach out to others who can help you live each day better than the day before.

What concerns do I have about my Dystonia?

Who do I reach out to, when I'm angry, frightened, or sad with my Dystonia?

How well do I take care of my body, to strengthen or relieve the pain I'm feeling?

What one thing can I do, every day, that will make me happy? What prevents me from doing it? How can I create a way for it to happen?