Saturday, January 24, 2015

I Need A Little Push To Get Started

So, I get up this morning and there's slushy snow on the ground, the sky is grey, and all I hear is the plow flying down the street. YES! I'm thinking this is an opportunity for me to stay in today....and then I turn my phone on and there's a text!

It's from my yoga instructor, telling me she cancelled the early morning class, and was wondering if I was going to make the 10:30 class instead. Ugh! What to do? What to do? My couch is calling me and it's so cozy inside, do I really want to venture out?

Then I start to thinking, yes, yes I do want to get out. Sometimes I need a little push every now and then to get me moving. Especially when my body is aching. Having my teacher reach out to me is like having my very own health coach. She's my accountable partner, who has my back!

Who or what gives you the push you need to get you moving and off the couch in days like today?

Who can you ask to be your accountable partner going forward?

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