Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sometimes The Push Is Too Hard

Okay, so my last post was about needing a push every once in a while to get myself moving. Today's post is going to be about knowing when the "push" may have been a little too much.

As I walked into yoga class yesterday, I literally felt like crying. My body was aching, and the thoughts of holding some of the poses that my instructor was about to get into was not making it any better.

My body started reacting to the negative thoughts that were going through my head. "I'm tired." "I can't wait till this is over." "Why did I come to class today?" My teacher noticed and would come over and help me with some of the poses, or tell me to try a more "gentle" pose. I wanted to cry!!!! I just wanted the class to end, so I could feel the pain and just go home and deal with it on my couch.

Moments later, towards the end of the class, we were asked to do a balance pose...which I needed all my concentration in order to balance on one leg while holding my other leg up in the air. I found a spot on the wall in front of me and began to focus. Moments later, we were asked to switch to the other leg, and I began my focus once again. As I finished that pose, I felt an extreme calmness come over me. I wasn't angry, I didn't want to cry, and I wasn't hurting. I actually felt relaxed!

How was I able to go from extreme anger to complete serenity? It was my focus. As soon as I created that switch, the change occurred. By taking back my control, I was able to find balance and remain centered for the rest of the day ahead of me.

What do you focus on, when you're having an "off" day? I'd love to hear from you. 

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