Saturday, June 30, 2012


This morning I'm at the park biking. Feels good to move around. What are you doing for exercise today?

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Pain In My Sleep

Last night I had severe stiffness in my neck when I turned my body to sleep on my other side. The pain was so bad that I had to hold my neck and kind of help it turn with my body. The odd thing is, that the pain goes away immediately once I've turned my neck. What's up with that? If the muscles can get that twisted from being in a sound sleep, why do they relax immediately once I'm up and move around? It's almost as if my neck was locked in a position that I snapped it out of. I can move my neck around with no pain once it's "unlocked". It's the strangest thing, but I'd rather be in pain for those couple of seconds than to be in constant pain all day.

So, my friends, today I will get up and do another mornings yoga to get all the kinks out, and I'm taking out my blue bonnet for a ride in a nearby park. It's hot out there today and I'm not sure how long I'll last, but at least for that moment I'll be able to enjoy the freedom that my bike gives me.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Children With Dystonia

I just found this YouTube video on children with Dystonia. It's from DMRF, where I donate to. There's a little girl on there that you're just going to want to hug when you see her smile! I wish there was a way to make the world more aware about Dystonia. Donations are needed in order for more research to be done.

Please check out the video bar to see the adorable children!

Spread the word!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Something To Share With You...

June 21, 2012
Working with Angels
Graceful Guidance
by Madisyn Taylor
Our angels are here to help us and by calling on them for assistance they are able to do their job.
At some point in our lives, we are likely to find ourselves asking for help, perhaps from no one in particular, and without knowing where help could possibly come from. We may have raised our eyes skyward or whispered our need under our breath only to find that somehow we were heard, and the help we needed arrived. It might have come in the form of a person who appeared at the right time, or perhaps it came in the form of luck, chance, or divine intervention. However assistance appears, these are times when we can be sure that there are angels watching over us.

Two doves that are always hanging around our home.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Enjoying Life

Today was such a great day. I started it out with a bike ride around my neighborhood. Then stopped by my parents house and hung around their pool till my skin started to burn! Lol OMG is it hot today! I believe it was close to 100! Now I'm sitting in my kitchen looking out the window, and I can't help but smile and think how blessed I am. The weather is, but beautiful...we live in a beautiful house that we've made a home, I have an amazing husband working hard in his office, and an incredible son who's in his little man cave down stairs playing X BOX. Life is good!
I only wish I knew how to upload photos on BLOGGER, because I would show you the stack of dishes I just realized I have to clean from dinner! Life is good, but would be that much better if I could blink my eyes and have the dishes be clean. Lol
Seriously, if anyone knows how to upload photos please comment. Thanks

I just found out how!!!!! Lol yeah me!!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Incredible Tightening Muscles!

Yesterday, as I was walking into the CVS and saw my yoga instructor with her adorable daughter walking to her car. I was about to go over and say hi, but was afraid she would ask me why I haven't been at the studio! Lol

I haven't been doing yoga regularly since I last had my injections about 2 weeks ago, which is obviously coming back to haunt me because I'm very achy in my neck and shoulder areas. I know I had a lot going on the week before my graduation, but now there's just no excuses! Today I stretch, bend, fold, twist, pull, and do what ever I have to do to feel better.....then I'll take 2 Allieves and pray for the pain to go away! Lol

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

Today is Father's Day! Going to spend the day at my parents for a BBQ. My mom wants us to bring bathing suits so we can make use of their pool, but I'm definitely not beach/pool ready yet!!!! I'm kind of glad it's cloudy out, so it's an excuse not to go in! :) I'm looking forward to just hanging out with my dad. He cried like a baby yesterday when he saw me graduate. I think all the emotions sucked a couple years from his life, lol, so today is his day to relax and be pampered.

I just want to wish all the dad's out there a very happy Father's Day!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Perfect Day, Perfect Graduation

It's official! I'm a graduate of Empire State College. Weather was amazing, the ceremony was amazing, and I had my friends and family there to witness the whole thing. My girlfriends are like the paparazzi when they have a camera in their hands, so I have a bunch of great photos, and my husband took great video of the event. Everything was perfect! Let me add that I was too excited when I walked into the auditorium to remember to spit my gum out, so there I am in each video that was taken, chewing it like it's nobody's business. I look like a cow chomping on grass! Lol
It was a great day, and once I figure out how to upload photos onto Blogger, I'll share them with you.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Life Just Keeps Getting Better

Tomorrow I'm graduating! Yep, I'm actually going to be walking across the stage to receive my bachelors degree! I get butterflies just thinking about it. I ironed my gown and picked out an outfit to wear underneath. I was told that its going to get extremely hot sitting on the stage with all the lights on top of me. Great, right? You would think they would blast the cold air for all the students, so we can be comfortable and enjoy the ceremony... Instead, I'm going to be worrying about how shiny my face is going to look in all the photos! Lol because it's all about me in the photos...not the degree that took me years to achieve. Lol Just kidding.

So, you must be wondering why I titled this post, "Life Just Keeps Getting Better", right? I was just sitting on the couch watching a re-run of Ellen, when my son took a seat next to me and layed his head on my shoulder. I started getting teary eyed, thinking of having him watch me get my degree tomorrow. Its going to be such an amazing feeling when I look over and see his face looking up at mine. I started to think that in just a couple more years he'll be receiving his high school diploma, then his college degree, and I'll be in the front row watching him through loving, tearing eyes!

Life gets better when you have people in your life who love you and are truly happy for you.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Out and About on My Blue Bonnet!

There's nothing better then being out and about riding my bike. It's my time to get away from everyone and everything that can distract me from feeling as free as I do when I'm riding. Let me take a second and describe my bike for's the typical bike you would see in the Hamptons, and is painted as blue as the sky could get on an amazing cloudless day. My husband calls it the Blue Bonnet! Lol It's the perfect name for it!!!! I don't care what I look like riding it or what color it is, because to me it's another form of yoga exercise. I don't just get a physical workout while riding it, but I also go into almost a state of meditation when I'm strolling along. I can go blocks before I snap back into "the moment", when I can look back and not even remember riding to the point I'm at.
So, I encourage all of you to get on your bikes and ride. Even if you ride around your block and come back. Eventually you'll notice yourself wanting to ride a block more each time you're riding. If you don't have a bike, go out and get yourself one. Get one that's personal to you. Something that matches your personality. Make it a fun experience!

Dystonia Bulletin Board

I just found a site where you can read and respond to Dystonia posts from others suffering from Dystonia. It's very easy to register and get started, so you can't make up any excuses not to! I've already learned more than I thought I could about Dystonia, especially the kinds that I'm not suffering from. Please! Please! Please check this site out, or at least tell others about it.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Great News!

I forgot to mention about another conversation I had with Dr. Schwartz. He said that he's been seeing more and more Dystonia patients. Reason being is that more doctors are being educated on Dystonia and can diagnose patients who have been suffering for years, or are just showing symptoms. I was so happy when I heard this. We still have to make more doctors and people aware, but it's nice to hear that we are on our way!

Finally, My Treatment

After a hard yoga workout on Friday, my arms were extremely sore! I took it easy on Saturday, and didn't go to my class on Sunday. Now Monday comes along, and I can't turn my head to the right or the left. I'm completely stiff...and in a lot of pain! Waaaaaaaaaaaaa! Last Thursday or Friday I was able to get an appointment for Monday, so I was very lucky.

Anyway, I'm with Dr. Schwartz and as soon as he's about to administer the first injection, he sees the muscle that was causing me all the pain. It's always the same muscle on my right side that's over active. I mentioned that I was doing a blog, so I can keep a diary of how yoga and other types of exercise can help stretch my muscles and hopefully make the Botox treatments move further apart. As he explained to me, since I waited longer for my treatment, there was little to no Botox in my muscles. The intense stretching I did on Friday aggravated the muscle in my neck, which was already over active. He said he could not only feel, but see the muscle that was enlarged on my right side. I guess reality hits me every time in sitting in his office, and I become unaccepting with what I have. The treatments work so well, so I feel healthy and happy when I'm doing yoga or riding my bike. I forget I have a little help to allow me to do those things...Botox!

Today's another day, right? I'm going to physically take it easy until I'm out of this funk, and I'll be back to my old self. :)