Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dystonia Bulletin Board

I just found a site where you can read and respond to Dystonia posts from others suffering from Dystonia. It's very easy to register and get started, so you can't make up any excuses not to! I've already learned more than I thought I could about Dystonia, especially the kinds that I'm not suffering from. Please! Please! Please check this site out, or at least tell others about it.

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Steve Zarren said...

I am a former sufferer of dystonia and want to offer you my support if you are still struggling with this awful disorder.
I have put many years of my life into helping dystonia sufferers find relief, and through my efforts was able to get a medical study done at Johns Hopkins Medical Center with the program that helped me.
It is my pleasure and privilege to work full time in helping dystonia sufferers find relief and get educated
on the health fundamentals that I have discovered that can make a huge difference on improving one's health.
I have been effective in helping dozens of dystonia sufferers find relief and have worked with those in
over 20 countries and 47 states. Please feel free to call me if you would like to learn more about my work
and how I have been helping others. There is nothing more enjoyable than seeing those I work with find the relief and hope as I received many years ago.

Remember - I Care,
Steve Zarren