Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Enjoying Life

Today was such a great day. I started it out with a bike ride around my neighborhood. Then stopped by my parents house and hung around their pool till my skin started to burn! Lol OMG is it hot today! I believe it was close to 100! Now I'm sitting in my kitchen looking out the window, and I can't help but smile and think how blessed I am. The weather is, but beautiful...we live in a beautiful house that we've made a home, I have an amazing husband working hard in his office, and an incredible son who's in his little man cave down stairs playing X BOX. Life is good!
I only wish I knew how to upload photos on BLOGGER, because I would show you the stack of dishes I just realized I have to clean from dinner! Life is good, but would be that much better if I could blink my eyes and have the dishes be clean. Lol
Seriously, if anyone knows how to upload photos please comment. Thanks

I just found out how!!!!! Lol yeah me!!!!

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Julie said...

Love all the photos you're adding!!!!!!