Sunday, June 10, 2012

Out and About on My Blue Bonnet!

There's nothing better then being out and about riding my bike. It's my time to get away from everyone and everything that can distract me from feeling as free as I do when I'm riding. Let me take a second and describe my bike for's the typical bike you would see in the Hamptons, and is painted as blue as the sky could get on an amazing cloudless day. My husband calls it the Blue Bonnet! Lol It's the perfect name for it!!!! I don't care what I look like riding it or what color it is, because to me it's another form of yoga exercise. I don't just get a physical workout while riding it, but I also go into almost a state of meditation when I'm strolling along. I can go blocks before I snap back into "the moment", when I can look back and not even remember riding to the point I'm at.
So, I encourage all of you to get on your bikes and ride. Even if you ride around your block and come back. Eventually you'll notice yourself wanting to ride a block more each time you're riding. If you don't have a bike, go out and get yourself one. Get one that's personal to you. Something that matches your personality. Make it a fun experience!

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