Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Back In The Studio

I'm back in the yoga studio. Doing yoga at home by myself for too long wasn't such a good idea for me. Without someone watching and giving me direction, I found myself going from a 45 minute routine to a whopping 10 minute routine. I also found my muscles tightening and becoming painful for me throughout the day. So, I'm back in the yoga studio!!!!

The first day was rough! Lol I have been cycling all through the spring and summer months, so I thought my body was in good shape....I realized the way we move our muscles for riding are way different than how we move them in yoga!!!!! So, I'm back to square one in my class. It's all good though. I can feel my body being battered, stretched, and torn...just so it can become stronger, perhaps even stronger than before.

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