Wednesday, August 29, 2012

EFT - Tapping Technique for Dystonia

I was blessed to receive a gift the other day from my girlfriends mother. She handed me a bag with a book and a cd on EFT, or Tapping. I watched the video and although I know that Dystonia is a neurological disorder that as of now there are no known reasons what causes it and there are no known cures, I do believe that there are so many things we can try to help ease the muscle spasms that I get. Just think of the sensory trick. When I feel a spasm coming on in my neck, all I have to do is gently place my hand on my neck and that slight touch immediately releases the spasm. Why is that? Is there something with the energy we are releasing with our hand that is connecting with our nervous system? This is so new to me, but I'm definitely going to research this further.

Read below. I've copied this from Successful Living Using EFT.

"EFT is based on an emotional form of acupuncture without any needles. Acupuncture has been around and practiced for 5000 years. Another name for EFT is "Tapping". The process involves tapping on certain meridian points around the body while concentrating on a particular distressing issue. This is known as tuning in to the bad experience, memory or negative emotion.

Theory behind EFT
The theory behind this process is that as one example, a distressing memory from the past is causing a negative feeling which manifests as blockage in the energy system. EFT helps to free the blockage and restore your body to its natural balanced energy flow. The point of this process is to help alleviate or minimize the problem or issue. Although it may sound complex, EFT is simple to understand and quick to complete."

Below is something I copied and pasted from a girl who posted on a cervical Dystonia forum.

"I was diagnosed with Cervical Dystonia back in September in my neck and shoulders. I had a constant head tremor and I couldn't really walk for longer than a few moments. Having received my first lots of Botox the tremor went but my neck was stuck back and to the right, and my shoulders and back were forced forwards. I couldn't even lift my hands above my head or walk for more than a few steps. It really was such a dark time, so I'd like to share three things that have really, really helped me.

Firstly, I went to see a neuro physio, so a physiotherapist specialising in neurological conditions. I really can't say enough how much of a difference this made. After four weeks of seeing her I was able to turn my neck around and after a while my posture returned to normal. However, I still suffered from spasms and I was unable to walk without my head turning completely to the right. A friend of mine suggested EFT. It's a bit like acupuncture but without needles. You simply tap on different parts of the body and focus on whatever is causing you pain. I really hadn't expected much from it, but I was in so much pain I thought I'd give it a go. Honestly, even after just a couple of days I noticed the difference. Not only did I feel much more positive about things but my spasms had pretty much stopped and I was able to walk, for the first time, without looking completely over to the right. I am now able to walk as well as ever and I can even go running again. I do still have Botox injections, but if I don't continue with my EFT or physio, I notice things get progressively worse. If you are interested in finding out more about EFT, here are a few links: has a free manual and there are many articles at And this is the practitioner I spoke to who was amazing.

Finally, the other thing that has really helped is meditation. I had never really set aside time for anything like meditating but, again, it really made such a difference. It just means you can slow down your thinking a bit and actually concentrate on what your body is doing. This is the site that I use It's really good because it talks you through what you need to do but it doesn't take up much time.

With all these things, you have to incorporate them into your daily routine because they're not a quick fix. But they've helped me so much and I remember how absolutely overwhelmed I felt, even back in January. I hope they work for you too.

Just to add, I'm not affiliated to any of these people or organisations - they're just the ones that helped me."

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Bernadet said...

Maybe I really should look more into the tapping therapy. I have heard lots of positive things about it.