Sunday, August 19, 2012

Certified Life Coach

Well, here I go again. I'm back in school! A year before I graduated this past June, I've been putting a tremendous amount of pressure on myself to continue on to grad school. The thought of going back full time, for at least two more years, was hard for me to swallow at that moment. After much research, I've decided to check out only accredited schools, and go back for life coaching. I start on September 4th.

With my schooling in psychology and the education I will get from coaching, my only hopes are to work with women who are "stuck" in their lives and need coaching to get them to the next level they should be and watch them live a happier life. I've had some rough patches in my life, but I always managed to keep going and not blame the past or my present situation as an excuse for me not to join something, travel some where, change jobs, or meet new people. Staying stagnant in ones life, to me, is like being suffocated. That's why there are so many people walking around out there that are confused or stressed out. They're still sitting in the same place, breathing in that stagnant air.

I have an amazing supportive husband who would love nothing more than for me to stay home for a while and do the things I love to do, but never had the time to do when I was working full time and going to school for my bachelors. So even though I'm getting to do yoga every day, practice the change of my lifestyle of eating, read more, bike more, lay on the beach and relax, visit friends and family members during the day when the warm sun is on my skin, and be the loving mother and wife I can be, there's still that part in me that is not complete...and that's the ability to help someone who needs me. (Note that I purposely mentioned every enjoyable thing on purpose, not to make the working moms sick and want to hunt me down and clock me over the head with envy, lol, but only so you can see that if someone like me can still want to go further with school at this point of my life, then I must be truly driven to achieve the next level in my education so I can help someone in the future)

Wish me luck everyone, cause I'm going in!!!!! Lol

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