Tuesday, August 7, 2012

An Angel Must Have Been Watching Over Us

I took a ride into Huntington Village this afternoon with my son to grab lunch and walk around. The car in front of us was doing 20 miles per hour, no joke. The road I take there is winding, so the speed limit went from 30 to 25. Again, he was doing 20 mph!!!! I usually get anxious and start talking outloud as if that person could hear me, but today was different. Today it didn't bother me. I kept a good distance away from him and did 20 mph like he did, all the way till I had to turn and wasn't driving in front of him anymore.

Now I'm in front of a pick-up truck, who was doing 30 mph in a 40 mph road. That's when I knew this wasn't a coincidence that two cars were trying so hard to slow me down. Maybe by slowing down I was missing an accident I could have been part of? Maybe it was to slow my life down a bit, so I could enjoy the scenery around me. There were houses I haven't noticed before, because I'm too busy concentrating on getting where I'm going. My son smiled and laughed as I told him my thoughts, but I know that a part of him believes it too.

Everything that happens in life is for a reason. Instead of getting upset or angry that it's not going the way you need it to go at that moment, just go with the flow and relax!

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