Tuesday, May 8, 2012

After Three Months...

It's been three months and I'm due for my next set of treatments.  I'm noticing that at the end of the three months, I can actually feel the Botox leaving my body.  I feel achy and have chills, as if I have the flu.  I've been told that this flu like feeling is usually experienced about a week after each treatment, but I'm feeling it towards the end.  The stiffness in my neck is slowly coming back, and my muscles around that area are sensitive to my touch.  However, I'm still able to do yoga and feel the difference immediately after.  Yesterday I woke up and my shoulders felt like they were in my neck, but after a half hour of stretching I felt completely relaxed and was able to get through till the evening before I started to feel stiffness again. 

My next appointment is at the end of next month.  I purposely made the appointment 5 months from my last treatment because I want to see how my body is responding to the changes I've made in my life these last couple of months, and not always depend on the Botox to mask the pain.  I've stopped working at the end of December so I can concentrate on finishing up my degree.  Although I liked the company I was working for and I've made very good friends there, the running back and forth to work, being a mom, a wife, taking care of the house, and doing my own homework (when I found the times I was awake enough to pick up a book) has added a lot to my Dystonia.  All the stress, even though it was all good stress, was carried on my shoulders and into my neck.  Being home has given me the opportunity to slow life down a bit and enjoy every moment with our son and my husband.  The things that used to annoy me, like straightening up all the time, cleaning, cooking and driving all over the place, are all the things that I look forward to every single day now.  I'm also taking time to take care of myself by listening to the needs of my body.  When you're in an office all day long, you don't have time to eat, exercise, or hydrate yourself.  Coffee is what kept me going through out the day.  Now I eat when I'm hungry, I drink more to hydrate myself, and when my body hurts I stop and take time to stretch.

The purpose of this blog is for me to create a diary of my progress and hopefully be able to help others who are also in desperate need to feel better!

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