Saturday, February 15, 2014

When People Stare

Have you ever been at a register and reached down to get your wallet and your neck starts to twist, bend, or shake up and down (as if you were nodding yes to something)?  How about when you put something on charge and you have to sign the receipt for the cashier and you're trying so hard to control your neck movements and sign the receipt before the cashier or people next to you take notice...what thoughts are going through your head at that moment?  Are you upset with the people who stared? Are you numb to it and don't even take notice anymore?  Do you leave the store feeling a bit down and sad?

I'm fortunate that my Botox treatments are doing a pretty good job in masking my dystonia.  The little twitches now and again have become such a part of my everyday being that I don't give it much thought.  However, when there are those moments when my neck decides to take a huge stretch and twitch at moments when I'm being watched, I become fully aware of my surroundings and become anxious and cannot move fast enough to make that moment end! I can actually feel my body heat up and begin to sweat.  Once the whole transaction of my purchase is completed, I walk away and erase it completely from my memory.  It happened, it ended, I moved on.  There's too much to enjoy in life than to sweat (literally) the small stuff!

How do you handle situation s when you have people wondering why you're twitching or bending involuntarily?

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