Monday, January 27, 2014


My new tool I use when my neck and back muscles feel tense and hurt. I pour it out in a tray and move the SAND around as I watch t.v. The sensation of the SAND on my finger tips and the look of the SAND as I move it around is mesmerizing, and I find myself feeling calm almost instantly. My muscles relax and the pain subsides. This may not be true for most people with Dystonia, but it sure is a temporary fix for me! It's sold at Brookstones. You can even purchase it online. :)


Susan Zimmerman said...

Hi Donna, I'm glad you still have your blog...I discovered it while searching for something else (dehydration). I have dystonia (since 1987)...a mixed bag. I'm hoping to have DBS this spring but having some other health challenges to get settled first. I experience something similar to your response to "sand therapy" (which I couldn't do) with my art, "bead therapy." Perhaps you'd like to visit my blog,, I'd love to hear from you. Will check out your website. Blessings, Susan

Donna Leake said...

Susan, I emailed you back but not sure if you received it. Good luck with the DBS. I'll say a prayer for you in hopes that your health challenges go away soon and fast! I took a look at your blog and love the art!!!!!!!!!