Saturday, October 25, 2014

Poor Diet and Dystonia

The weather has been changing, here in New York, and I've stopped riding my bicycle, walking through the parks, and all the other amazing outdoor activities the warmer weather permits. I also have to add that I've been eating horribly the last two weeks. I'm talking cookies, candies, and any carbs I can get my hands on. I've noticed that my body has been reacting to my poor diet and exercise, but not enough to have me stop doing what I was doing, or start doing what I should be doing...however you want to look at it. :)

Well, today my body is yelling at me to get well! I woke up with my shoulders up to my ears from muscle spasms I must have had during the night, my tremors came back in my hands and neck...jerking motion in my neck, shaking in my hands, and twitching in my shoulder blades.

Today is a new day to start my new routine for the colder months ahead. Yoga! Hydrating! Walking! Put the carbs and sweets down and far away from my reach!!!!!!

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