Wednesday, October 1, 2014

During Oprah's weekend, there was a speaker Rob Bell, who mentioned the importance of staying thankful and living in grace. We often question all the bad things that happen to us and carry around all the anger that WE ALLOW to come from it. Only we  are responsible for what we carry with us. Too many times we blame others for what they've done to us...instead of realizing that WE allowed them to do what they've done to us.

When we simply say, "In some strange way, I am thankful for this thing I tried so hard to avoid", we create a switch within and begin thinking of why we are thankful. When we start seeing the beauty that came from it...courage, self-worth, trusting ourselves, strengths, new relationships that were formed, etc...we will begin to release that anger and move forward to the next chapter of our lives.

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