Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ouch, My Neck Hurts!

This morning I woke up completely soar. Tomorrow is my appointment with Dr Schwartz, so I'll be able to feel more comfortable again soon. I've been blogging about vitamins, mercury, wheat allergies, coconut oil, and many other things that I've researched and found that may help or aggravate Dystonia. I want to hear it from my neurologist and hear what he has to say, and I'll blog later tomorrow and give you the scoop from him.

I've spoken with him before and he told me that my brain is sending messages to my muscles, telling them to contract the way they do. In other words, I believe he was trying to tell me that exercise will help and a diet is great to keep my muscles healthy and relaxed, but there's nothing at the moment found by doctors or scientists that are able to tell my brain to stop my muscles from contracting. I guess I'm like everyone else with any kind of disorder that's causing discomfort. We want to desperately find that magic pill that will make it go away!

I'm off to do yoga and feel good again.

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