Thursday, March 27, 2014

Something New Happening

A couple of months ago, while propping my head up on my pillows and watching television in bed, the muscles in the front side of my neck spammed! It was such an uncomfortable feeling, like someone was literally squeezing my neck, but not painful. As soon as I lifted my neck up and grabbed it with my hand, the spasms stopped!!!!

Some time later I was lying in bed and gave a long stretch, my head was tucked towards my chest, and the same exact thing happened. I immediately stopped, pulled my head straight up and grabbed it with my hand...and the spasm stopped.

Being conscious that this happened when I stretch or move my neck towards my chest to tight, I haven't had any spasms.  Until last night. My head was propped up on my pillows, watching television in bed, and my neck spammed so badly that I was actually in tears afterwards.  Not from the pain, but wondering why this is happening.  I wasn't stretching at all this time. This spasm was so bad that I can actually feel the muscle press against my throat. Again, not painful, just uncomfortable.

This morning the muscles in the front my neck are very sore.  I'm going to stretch and do yoga and meditation this morning.

Has anyone else had this experience, I never had the muscles in the front of my neck spasm in all the years I've had cervical dystonia.  I only get pulls from muscles on the sides of my neck and twitches.


Suvi said...

Hi! Nice to end up in your blog.

I've also had spasm in the front for a few times now, within maybe 2 months - pretty much since the last botulinum injection. They've been like flashes, just one or two spasms and then nothing. Before it was only the back of the neck on the right.
Feels scary doesn't it?

I was diagnosed with CD last autumn, but I've had it for a few years already getting worse and worse really slowly until I couldn't take it no more as a 'chronical tension in the neck'. Nice to find people who write about it so openly, as it's been a difficult topic to tell even to friends.

All the best, keep on writing!

Suvi from Finland

dleake said...

It's so nice to meet you! Thanks for sharing. I love having feed back, because I too want support from other people. You actually contacted me at the right time. Since I've written that post in my blog, I haven't experienced another spasm like that. I think mainly it was because I've been purposely repositioning my body while I sit up watching television in bed. Last week was the fist time I've taken my bicycle out and have been riding it every day since. I've also been walking a lot for exercise and fresh air. We've had a long cold winter in New York, so I've been excited to be able to enjoy this warm weather we're now having.

Well, a couple of days ago I've been experiencing extreme tightness in my shoulders and the front of my neck. Doing yoga exercises will definitely loosen up my shoulders, but the tightness in the muscles in front of my neck are still there. There's the slightest pull downward, so I look up at the ceiling and give it a good stretch. I'm wondering if it has anything to do with being on the bike, since my arm and shoulder muscles have to get used to holding onto the handle bars again? My neurologist also redistributed my injections,, so it could be that also. I have to be honest and say that it does concern you said, "It feels scary!" This is why I appreciate every single day!

dleake said...
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