Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Thank you Dr. Hainline!!!!

"Torticollis, also named Cervical Dystonia, is when the muscles in the neck twist and spasm, causing the neck to move in an upward position and lean to either the left or the right."

I was given the name of a neurologist who had helped my father in-law in the past with issues on his neck.  The doctor's name is Dr. Hainline.  His practice is in New Hyde Park in N.Y.

As soon as Dr. Hainline walked in the office, he asked me to come into the hallway and walk away from him  and then back towards him. He asked me to show him the tasks that I told him were hard for me to do without my neck going into spasms, like tie my shoe or try to find keys in my pocketbook without my head moving all over the place.  He told me to sit in the room while he conversed with another neurologist who had seen me moments before Dr. Hainline. She had written down all my information and concerns for him. Moments later he walked in, sat down next to me, and told me that I had cervical Dystonia.  Immediately I got choked up and tears ran down my face.  I finally had a diagnosis!!!! I wasn't crazy! This wasn't due to stress, dehydration or exhaustion...which were many of the things that other doctor's have suggested. I was told that this was a disease that currently no cure has been found, but I can cope and feel better with Botox treatments, yoga, meditation, and joining a support group if needed.

Dr. Hainline gave me the name of a neurologist who is one of the top doctors to see for Botox treatments.  His name is Dr. Schwartz, and his practice is in Great Neck, N.Y.  Dr. Hainline spoke very highly of Dr. Schwartz, so there was no hesitation for me to make an appointment and start my treatments.

Words cannot express what I was feeling after being diagnosed.

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