Friday, July 28, 2017

Put Yourself First and Dystonia Second

How many of us feel stuck? Can't seem to get ahead? Family, friends, and careers are effected by our unhappiness? 

A Certified Professional Coach...with a degree in Psychology...can give you tools and techniques that will take from the place you are now, to the place you want to be in life. People who excel have made the "choice" to move forward. 

Dystonia can have physical, mental, and emotional challenges that hold many of us back. We all have different types of Dystonia, with different challenges. I get that. I have Cervical Dystonia, and there are so many things that it's taken away from my life...and there are so many things it's added to my life. I've learned to adjust, become more creative, learn, and move forward towards a happier life that works for me. You can too! It's all about putting ourselves first and Dystonia second. I bet you never miss an opportunity to get to the doctor to treat your Dystonia, but you've allowed yourself to miss opportunities to enjoy the outdoors or meeting up with good friends because you've allowed Dystonia to be an excuse to LIVE and be HAPPY. We ALL deserve to LIVE and be HAPPY, whether we have Dystonia or not.

What if you can work on one thing, just one thing, you can change that will make your life easier/happier. What would that be? What would your life look like, feel like, after that change is made?

Life and Relationship coaching can help you identify what's blocking you, create an action plan, be by your side throughout your journey, and celebrate your achievements with you. Call for a free consultation, and start your journey today. Please note that price per session is different for Coaching someone with Dystonia. Call for free consultation and pricing today.

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