Thursday, January 14, 2016

Support Groups for Dystonia

What kind of a support group are you looking for? Are you a caregiver for someone suffering from Dystonia? Are you suffering from Dystonia? Are you physically capable, or comfortable, leaving your house to make a support meeting if one was available in your area...or would it be easier for you if the support group came to you?

These are the things to consider when creating a Dystonia support group. I receive emails from foundations about support groups they're holding. I have yet to attend any because of these reasons...the location, the times they hold them, and the activities they offer...and I'm one who suffers with Dystonia that's able to be present to all that they offer. What about the ones who cannot leave their homes? I've yet to receive an email stating that has a support group reaches out to those with Dystonia who can't travel, unable to sit still during workshops or participate in physical activities, or are emotionally at their wits end with their pain. Perhaps a support group that phones in, Skypes, or FaceTimes all of those who are not able to leave their home?

If you know of any support groups that are available to personally reach the ones who can't physical get out of their house, please forward any information you have, so I can share it on this blog for others to share.

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